The Future of The Kyle Shaw Adventure

Developement has returned to The Kyle Shaw Adventure. What inspired me to start this thing back up was seeing just how many people have played the game.

As of November 8, 2010:

545,302 people have played the game.

Because of this, I am motivated to make it into a full game as well as an Android app. Maybe even an iphone app too! I have been working on many performance fixes and making things easier to implement more levels, features, weapons, enemies, etc.  Justin Howell will still be the music man and will be pumping out more tunes!

On the technical side of things:

The big thing I am doing is moving everything to use sprite sheets instead of movieclips for animation.  Sprite sheets are MUCH faster than a movieclip and make editing a lot easier and clean. Code optimization is a big thing too. Music will get a big overhaul as well. One of the problems with the music was that since it was mp3 format, they took up a lot of space, download times were slow, and the quality was lost because of this. What we plan is to implement a Nintendo sound engine into the game so that music will be lossless, and it will use .nsf files. This is a very purist way of doing things and should be very rewarding in the longrun.

These guys told me how I would implement the engine into the game:

In the meantime, the music section will use their player, so you can hear all of the tunes in their raw .nsf format.  Of course this will have to wait until we port everything over to this format.

If you feel like testing any of the new feature, the test version can be played here

The Kyle Shaw Adventure Test Version

So stay tuned! There is plenty more to come!