Radioactive Indian Frogs

So there is this bike path right in front of my house that holds many magical wonders. It goes on for miles and has quite a few points of interest.

The Indian Burial Ground

This place is pretty BA. It is deep in the woods off of the bike path. There are lakes on either side. In these woods, there are other attractions, but who would care about those when you could summon theĀ  undead pets in an ancient indiand burial ground.

You could meet up with this guy too.

The Butterfly Meadow

This place is the second stop along the mythical bikeĀ  trail. Here you can control the butterflies and bend their fluttering powers to your will… as long as your will is for them to flutter around freely. There are big ass moths here too.

Careful not to run into Mothula the dreaded butterfly guardian. Its only real weakness is the fire rod.


The Walkway of 1000 Toads

Some way after the butterfly meadow is the toad walkway. Every 10 feet is another frog or toad or something. I can’t really tell the difference. All I know is they are like little land mines that hop in front of you. After encountering this big guy, I couldn’t help but think I stumbled into the beginning of the game Blaster Master. Blaster Master is about a boy who has a pet frog that escapes. He chases after the frog which happened to jump into a radioactive box that was conveniently placed in his back yard. Right next to a hole from which the frog escapes to… Just watch the video.